Humble beginnings of our Church

The early settlers of Lakeview had many serious concerns, and one very important concern was organizing a church. They were meeting in homes for prayer and worship.  Realizing they needed leadership, the prevailed upon the State Superintendent of the Congregational Home Missionary Society of Michigan.  After many requests, they were granted a State Evangelist, the Rev. A.M. Hills.  The first service was held in the G.A.R. Hall over Macomber and Bale's Store, with 93 present, in the summer of 1892.

On October 12, 22 persons signed a call to organize and on the same day, accepted the Articles of the Association.  The Church was organized and accepted by the Council of Congregational Churches on October 17, 1892.  Rev. C.H. Seaver became the first minister.  On this same date, property was purchased.  During 1893, the congregation voted to borrow $1000 to build the church.  The Parsonage was also constructed that year, where the Youth Building is now.

In March 1893 it was decided to ask to be admitted to membership in the Lansing Association of Congregational Churches.  Membership of the church had reached 30.  The church was dedicated on June 17, 1894.  By January 13 1925, the church was out of debt.

Extensive remodeling and repair had been done on the parsonage over the years, and in January 1959, it was voted to build a new parsonage.  Later that year, a new parsonage was built on Fifth Street and still stands at this location today.

In 1931 and 1956, the church parlors were remodeled. In December 1974, another remodeling plan was accepted instead of constructing a new church.

On january 22, 1961, the congregation voted unanimously to join the United Church of Christ.  The Lakeview Church was yoked with the Six Lakes Congregational Church for many years, upon their request.  In November 1972, discussion began to dissolve this arrangement.